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By jesselliott, Sep 13 2017 12:28PM

A mystery price is up for grabs on our Facebook page! See it here- https://www.facebook.com/deanelliottphotographydevon/

We thought it was time for a new Facebook competition to win a mystery prize for one lucky Devon or Cornwall family or couple. We've asked you to comment with a letter so that we know what sort of prize to offer you.

A. Wedding photography

B. Location family/couples photo shoot

C. 0-5 photo shoot, can include up to 3 older siblings

Your prize will be something to do with one of those categories....but who knows what it could be? Find out on 4th of October if you have won.

We are offering the prize in Devon, Cornwall & surrounding counties. Mileage charges may apply should we need to travel outside of these areas. Other terms and conditions apply and can be found on the post itself on Facebook.

As a Devon photographer I like to offer something back to the community and show my appreciation and thanks for all your support.

By jesselliott, Sep 6 2017 01:30PM

The summer wedding season is nearly at a close but most definitely not over yet. The sun is still making regular appearances and I've still got plenty of wedding bookings to keep me busy.

This wedding season has been one of my busiest so far and I've loved every minute of it! I am passionate about my job and feel honoured to have witnessed and captured so many beautiful memories. I would love to say that every wedding has been held in bright, beautiful, glorious sunshine but this is Devon...in England, right?

As a wedding photographer the weather is a challenge. One I graciously accept. It's part of the job and teaches me to be flexible (indoor photo shoots are sometimes obligatory) and allows me to capture some of the most natural moments. Like this one...

Emily & Joe, following their ceremony at The Haldon Belvedere.

Let's face it, it's going to rain. It will rain at the most inconvenient moments. Like....a wedding day. Like...just when you are arriving at your venue and everyone throws confetti at your already wet face. It sticks.

For me the weather is, dare I say it, a highlight because of how us Brits deal with it. Most of us smile through, carry on regardless, British stiff upper lip and all that. We know it's a fact of life and we don't (pardon the pun) let it 'dampen our spirits'. We're a tough old lot.

Now this isn't to say that brides won't shed a tear at the forecast, as they wonder how to keep their pristine white dress, mud free. Of course you want beautiful, bright sunshine! Who doesn't want that for their wedding day?

However, when it gets to your big day, somehow the rain appears insignificant. Surrounded by friends, family and the love of your life, you quickly forget about the weather. Suddenly a sea of umbrellas appear and everyone makes it their duty to keep the beautiful bride dry. The bride and groom, totally loved up, almost oblivious to the frightful conditions because at the end of the day, as corny as it sounds, love is all you need. Sunshine, meh...that's just a bonus. So smile and laugh your way through it like thishappy couple did.

Right, off to splash in some puddles.

Emily & Joe arriving for their farm wedding reception.

By deanelliottphotography, Aug 25 2017 03:17PM

As a keen coffee drinker myself I was delighted to have been invited to capture some photos of this business. Coffeeworks in Exeter are suppliers of coffee machines and equipment to other businesses to serve coffee and other beverages.

Coffee Works Exeter Showroom
Coffee Works Exeter Showroom

I was asked to capture some photos of some of the machines on offer, as well as a group photo. This proved to be of interest, lots of shiny machines, and plenty of freshly pulled coffee

Espresso machine
Espresso machine

If you’re a business big or small and need a first class service head over to Coffeeworks, a friendly and knowledgeable team!

By deanelliottphotography, Aug 21 2017 12:58PM

It’s always an exciting time and something to look forward to when I receive an invite to showcase at Haldon Belvedere. This venue is amazing and well worth a visit if you’re looking for a stunning venue in a glorious location!

I'm heading over on the 24th of September to display some of my work and meet some new clients. I would really like to meet you all of your free that day. It’s from 10 -4.

If you can't make if and would still like to get together to discuss your big day please give me a call on 07916135177


By deanelliottphotography, Aug 3 2017 02:42PM

Firstly, let me introduce myself as some of you may not know me yet. I’m Dean’s wife and also admin and marketing manager for Dean Elliott Photography. I took a break from my role in the business to take care of our family but now I’m very much back and kicking Dean’s butt….I mean, being supportive and steering our business in new and exciting directions. We’ve been very slack on this whole blogging malarkey! Shame on us! So you’ll mostly find me ‘on the blog’ at the moment.

As well as blogging, and general admin duties, I fancy myself as a bit of social media whizz *blows own trumpet rather loudly*. I have a bit of a passion for social media marketing. By no means a pro but eagerly learning all I can to grow our business online.

I’m really keen to continue our relationships with other wedding suppliers, networking both online and off. I know we shouldn’t have favourites but we really, really love the folk at The Haldon Belvedere, Higher Ashton, Exeter. We’ve been so privileged to work closely with this incredible castle wedding venue for many years. Bridal open days are very popular at Haldon belvedere and we have been fortunate to continue showcasing our work at the venue. New to 2017, Haldon Belvedere plan to revamp their open days to create all new wedding fairs. We hope to see some of you there on the 24th of September.

Haldon Belvedere
Haldon Belvedere

What else is new for us? Well Dean has been in talks with Inspirations of Teignmouth who will hopefully be creating a brand new product for us, complete with our own branding. We hope to have wooden USB sticks in beautiful pine or oak presentations boxes. This stylish new addition to our range will replace our current discs which normally contain all of the images from your big day.

We are also happy to announce that a new photo album will be added to our range. The ‘lay flat’ album is unique in that a whole picture fills the double page because there’s no join, it lays totally flat. With this will come a photo front cover too.

Lastly, we will be running more competitions to win free stuff! Who doesn’t love freebies?! Our current competition has proved very popular. We’re offering a free photo shoot of your choice! Anything from a family photo shoot, wedding or party shoot. Please visit our Facebook page to take part in this and future competitions. https://www.facebook.com/deanelliottphotographydevon/

That’s it from me for now. Please do feel free to leave comments, call us for a no obligation quote and a free consultation.


Inspirations of Teignmouth

Haldon Belvedere

By deanelliottphotography, Jan 6 2017 09:52AM

~CONGRATULATIONS~ to all couples who got engaged over Christmas & New Year! Now the fun begins!

How about visiting a magical castle wedding venue this weekend? Join myself and others, at the Haldon Belvedere for a spectacular bridal open day. Haldon Belvedere (Lawrence Castle), Higher Ashton,

near Dunchideock, Exeter, Devon EX6 7QY

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By deanelliottphotography, Oct 30 2016 08:55PM

When working in small towns, taking shots of shop fronts, its sometimes impossible to avoid unwanted street signs, lamp posts and street lights. These are just a few examples, the list goes on. The Technique I used today I like to call "the side step". When taking your first initial shot, positions yourself where you would like to capture the building and shoot. Once you are happy with this shot then take one step to the left or right. As long as the lamp post isn’t to close to the building the angle will change and therefore changing where the sign appears in your photo. Take the second shot!

In Photoshop you can then use the second photo to cut out the area that has the lamp post present in the first photo. This does sound a little complicated, maybe I will make a video one day.

Take a look at the examples form a commercial shoot for Scott Richards, in Teignmouth.

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