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By deanelliottphotography, Apr 20 2018 03:23PM

I had the exiting opportunity to work with Future Industrial, a commercial waste management company.

I travelled as far as Scotland to visit one many sites to capture the daily business of what this company does day to day. As well as learning a lot about what they do I managed to capture some really interesting images!

Although spending two weeks away from home was really hard work, I really enjoyed the experience. I also learnt an unbelievable amount about what happens behind the scenes to every day waste we all take for granted, it has to go somewhere and this company takes care of that in the safest, and environmentally friendly, way possible.

By jesselliott, Dec 6 2017 12:10PM

I was commissioned by ABP (Associated British Ports) in Teignmouth, Devon, to capture some images that showed the working life of the dock. After passing through security, receiving a safety briefing and getting kitted out with a hard hat, glasses, gloves, boots and a hi vis jacket (looked the part), I went onto the dock.

I was amongst the machines, cranes and huge ships. I managed to capture some awesome images to represent the working life on the dock and even managed to shoot some aerial shots.

All in a days work for this Devon Photographer! I love shooting weddings and family photo shoots but commerical photography can be very exciting.

By deanelliottphotography, Nov 2 2014 06:26PM

Six months ago this was a stale looking, multi-story car park-roof top. Mercury Construction was commissioned to change this. Dean Elliott Photography captured the before pictures, along with a 360 degree, panoramic photo view of the roof. This enabled us to see the extent of the changes that were made. I think you will agree, Mercury have done an amazing job. They have turned this once neglected space into a warm, clean and welcoming environment for children and families to enjoy outside. I have completed a handful of before and after photo shoots for Mercury Construction, including a kitchen extension at Teignmouth Community School. I look forward to sharing more.

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