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Peta & Jack's

Peta & Jack's

Perfect Summers Day Wedding

With wedding ceremonies now taking place across such a wide range of stunning venues, it really is special to capture a church wedding now and then.

I met with Peta and Jack several times leading up to the wedding day and kept in touch with ongoing details in between meetings. I don't remember visiting the Humber with Peta and Jack, I've had the pleasure of photographing there many times before, we agreed it

Wasn't really necessary.

On the day I met with the bride to capture the mornings events, and then met with the groom and the Church. Once the ceremony came to an end we all then made our way to Humber Barn

Humber Barn offers so many opportunities to capture some great photos, its really nice to take a short walk with the couple to take in some scenery whilst creating some mantle piece portraits.

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