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Helen & Ben's

Helen & Ben's

Devon Wedding photography

A big red London double decker bus, a castle and a country hotel on the edge of Dartmoor. Mix with that a beautiful bride and a handsome groom, what do you have? ……………… a wedding day to remember. This wedding I will remember for a while, simply stunning. I first met with Helen and Ben at their home for a consultation and chatted through the plan of the day and how they expected the day to be captured.

The morning of the wedding I was confronted with some very lively and excited bridesmaids. I photographed the bride and her bridal party preparations and the finishing touches. After this I shot over to Haldon Belvedere to meet with Ben and his best man. The Ceremony was beautiful, as you would expect.

After a short shoot around the castle we all travelled over to The Edgemoor Hotel for the reception.

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